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2015. június 28. vasárnap, 09:28

F1 On-Board Fuse
for servos, smoke pumps and other electrical loads

The development of a safety device for RC planes and helicopters. This circuit board disconnected on-board faulty equipment (servos, smoke pumps, lighting, etc), therefore saving the other control for a successful emergency landing! Any short circuited device immediately sit down the entire system and thus become completely out of control.

The fuse F1 is built in a servo cable extension cord. This cable must be connected to the various electrical devices. The fuse of a resetable Polyswitch thermal fuses. In parallel with the fuse of a LED is also incorporated, which will illuminate the fuse tripping.

This fuse is rated. Available in a variety of fusing characteristics. Based on measurements made on radio-controlled model's operating limit current of 0.75A version of the most appropriate type.

Studying read the description of the characteristic found out the current at which it is not apparent thaw and it causes some short-circuit how quickly interrupted.

A standard servo maximum power consumption (when pinned axis) approx. 1.3A. The normal operating current from much less. The graph views can be seen here that the arcing time is still extremely high. For a short-circuit current on-board battery power source min. 4A. There has been just time to interrupt 0.2s. In case of a BEC-feeding and it is the value of BEC max. current value. The higher the short-circuit current, the faster it breaks with the F1.

The termination of short-circuit, reset fuse and immediately ready for use again.

Functioning in a demonstration video:

F1 parameters:

- Weight: 5.3g
- Up to interrupt current. 100A
- Maximum voltage: 13.2V
- Holding current: 0.75A

Applied to:

Spacewalker 1/3 (265cm, 55ccm)

More pictures!