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FrSky RSSI-DAC (3in1) Converter PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
Írta: Magi István   
2011. május 13. péntek, 16:41

This development is a 3-in-1 electronics. FPV is a most important task of the applications required for RSSI -> DAC converter FrSky D8R V2 (also D8R-II, D8R-II Plus) receivers.
In addition, includes a voltage divider input to A2 (11- rate) and includes a dual-output switch (timed power signal).

Linked through OSD (display) of the receiving level (RSSI)!

Before using the receiver (D8R V2, D8R-II, D8R-II Plus) needed to upgrade to the latest firmware to CPPM (a program for the +5 V pin release the full telemetry protocol, with RS232 level)! Use this is FW: RSSI via side port for D8R-xx receiver!!! Update method read this!!! The circuit protocol for this process and the RSSI data, read it, this is a PWM signal into an analog voltage. This voltage is directly analogous to the analog input of the OSD can be made that this will be displayed on the screen.

The output (RSSI_DAC) voltage:

0V = 0dBc

4V = 110dBc

The soul of a PIC16F628A microcontroller and circuit in the running program. The panel, I placed a Flytron 1/11-es volt ratio style as well. It is not necessary for the RSSI signal, but because of the proximity of the connector so complete!
Includes 3pcs LED, which shows the current local RSSI level (Lo, Mid, Hi). The Servo switch (two outputs, which are counterparts to each other, so you do not have to deal with servo way), approx. 50% position has switch. The output is TTL level and up. -20mA to be loaded. Be used for any switching (after suitable amplification) or even auto pilot control.
The servo signal is used to set the PIC to detect the false value is RSSI (Fail Save mode remained in the original)!


Exaple how to use for servo switch output:

(for relay)

(for LED)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/OQjcyTkd118&feature

One important thing I observed in the V2 D8R receivers (because they are just for me):
If the TX is less than the channel receiver (6 channel my TX for me), then the remaining channels (my 7.) is not in operation and servo signal Fail Save state does not appear there. Therefore not be used for the RSSI.DAC converter power supplies, because the signal due to the lack of PIC believe that the receiver is turned off (so the RSSI = 0V)! Suck it first ...
8 CPPM disrupts the channel signal to the PIC, whereas non-standard servo signal coming out of it.
So power supplies (and also the use of servo signal) and standard of living is really the only signal channels can be used (eg, a Y-cable, pre occupies)!

More info: www.rc-miskolc.emiter.hu